Enamel Fry's Cocoa sign 600 x 800


Little girl mannequin.Clothes sold separately.

Enamel Colman's sign 600 x 900

Young man mannequin (clothes sold separately)

6 Person cutlery set with the ever popular flat bone handled knives , oak canteen $220.00, more sets available. Little girl mannequin (dress & hat sold separately)



Little boy mannequin (clothes not included) Lady mannequin (clothes not included) Metal cupies $32.00 each

Mantle clock $42.00


Collection of bed pans


Vintage wooden washboard $45.00








Massey Fergusson tractors in original packaging


Wooden industrial reels $15 & $20 & Barbers brush with silver handle $58











Lots of Matchbox toys available in their original boxes. Various prices.

Fairground Horse (af ears) $195.00


Large Agave in cement mixer on vintage metal wheels $140.00


Fairground Horse $295.00

Eclipse pram $140.00 Succulents and ferns and lots more. Assorted prices.